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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tripping to south Georgia and it's consequences

Hello again riders!

Man is it hot! I’m hearing tales of dehydration everywhere I go. Remember to keep sipping water all day long folks. Also remember that if you start a ride/race and haven’t fueled properly you cannot catch up during the event. You can only hold back your effort to stave off the dreaded “bonk”. Prepare during the days before to survive the heat of your target event.

I am now dismounting my soap box to share details of my weekend.

This weekend I enjoyed a great group ride that included long lost friend Stephen Sisk and at times we saw “Hammerhead” Sean Philyaw but he was much to fast for us mere mortals to worry about. Then I picked up some hillbillies and drove all the way to Columbus for the Ga. State Championships #5 MTB Race. After pre-riding that course we dined in style while keeping an eye on our bikes in the parking lot (shady characters abounded). A good night’s sleep at Cassa de Courtyard was perfect before what I consider (with the heat) to be the toughest course I’ve ever endured. Flat Rock Park ain’t flat! Those course designers are evil people. Switch backs X10 with rocks and roots. One root came alive and grabbed my front wheel, threw me off my bike,  and hurt my feelings. 1 hour and 48 mins later I took 2nd Place and weighed 10 pounds less. Dustin Mealor scored a hard fought 4th in his tough division (20-29). And Chad Edwards finished mid pack without any crashes in one of the hardest divisions(30-39). I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find a place to sit down. Dustin and Chad ate at Moe’s while I took a nap in the car. How’s that for “blown”! I did however get back to enjoy steak and shrimp with my Dad while we watched a 22 year old laddy win a golf tournament. Sleep came easy after that.

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