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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riding Alone? Why?

I'm the type of rider who needs other riders with me. I've never enjoyed riding by myself. I've done it a lot when there's training to be done for a race but it wasn't because I didn't call everyone I knew to see if they could ride. Those corny Road ID "Bobke" commercials where he pops in on famous cycling people to ask if they want to go for a ride remind me of me. I want company. It's a big reason I started this blog if you want the truth. I want to get riders together. Every guy I know likes to "hang out" and be, well, a guy. And nothing stirs up the testosterone like physical activity. There's probably a medical explanation for the great feeling I get from joking, harassing, embellishing, and possibly competing with friends while riding a bike. Now don't get me wrong, a nice fall day ride by yourself for an hour can be more relaxing than the best Lazy Boy ever made and I've enjoyed those types of rides. But those ride seem to happen for me at the last minute. If I'm looking forward all week to a ride it's always because I know there will be a big group of friends going as well.

Me, Trace, Trent, Bill, Kelley - Fort Yargo Park, Winder, GA

Bill Mashburn
Such was the case this weekend when I joined a group at Fort Yargo in Winder. I try and talk one good friend into riding at a certain time and once I have his commitment I become a salesman selling a new product. "Hey, Trace Nabors and I are riding at Yargo on Saturday, don't you want to join us?" It's not as subtle as pulling the shower curtain open on them but it works pretty well. My networking skills help me out quite a bit also. So on Saturday morning it was me, Trace, Kelley Edwards, Stan White, Trent Smith, and Bill "Mashman" Mashburn. Notable: Bill was riding his new (to him) Specialized 29er Hard Tail, his first new bike in 16 years, and he was only a few weeks from being released to ride after breaking his collar bone (on his old bike). Kelley, sporting the new BPBC kit, hasn't been riding at all and proved it. More on that later. Trent has toned down his aggressive riding style after crashing hard a few hundred times and being told by his doctor that despite his hairy chin and strong frame he is not "Wolverine". But he still disputes that. 
Trent Smith
Stan White
Since Bill told me he was still getting his fitness back and since he was on a new bike I suggested we let him lead. It's the whole "we'll go as slow as the slowest guy" rule. Well, Bill took off like his hair was on fire! We chased him for 2 miles before I suggested we regroup. It's my belief that this is where the damage was done for Kelley. When you haven't ridden fast in a while you not only have trouble with the legs and lungs but with the skills required to negotiate the trail. You use a massive amount of energy just avoiding the trees. Thus Kelley was mentally and physically stunned right from the start. I told Bill he was setting too hard of a pace and he said, "That's all I had, I'm done anyway." It was then that we made the best decision of the day...we asked Stan to lead. Stan White is...older. But let me tell you that Stan is a skilled and steady rider who set a perfect pace for the rest of the morning. That allowed Kelley to enjoy the ride which he valiantly rode the entire time. We laughed and told stories and picked on each other and laughed some more. There was only one crash and it was Kelley. I wasn't there at the time but I'm told it scored an 8.2 and put a dent in his frame. He was still smiling and in the last two miles of our ride he came to life (2X Caffeine Gel) and brought the pain. I for one was very impressed.

Kelley Edwards

Afterwards we all had a great lunch at FireHouse Subs. Some of the things I learned at lunch: Bill showed us how to wash your hair when you have a broken collar bone, Trent explained how he shrank from being the Incredible Hulk to be the bike hobbit he is today, and I regaled the listening audience with my story of Kelley and I in his first Adventure Race ("I hate you!"). That's a story for another day. All in all it was another fantastic ride with friends. Which of course is exactly what I wanted.

So if you think that is your kind of riding and your kind of fun then watch my blog and I'll tell you about every ride I know about. I do also know that I'm not the only one having these great rides. I talk to a ton of guys and gals having the time of their lives out there. So maybe this is just my way of extending the joy for those of us who get to experience these things and give those who don't a peak at what they're missing.

 The Horseshoe Drop at Yargo is AWESOME!!! This thing drops you into a riven and then shots you out. Just one more great thing about our ride on Saturday at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, Georgia.

I hope you all have a great week and stay safe. Ride in groups. 
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