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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Playing With The Box

Normally I'd start my blog posting with the first notable thing that happened in my life last week. I'm a type C personality so I like things in order chronologically. But this week I'll shake things up a little bit and tell you about the last great thing.

In my 40 years of experience through marriage, having children, job, and life overall I've learned some things about, in this case, children's behavior. For instance I know that a child is just as likely to receive your expensive gift, unwrap it... and play with the box it came in more than the gift you spent your time and money on. You can't predict when this will happen either. This principle of child rearing can not be controlled or created. In other words parents, you can't just buy them a pretty box. My understanding of this phenomenon lead me some years ago to this conclusion: Let them play with the box and be happy. Your effort in gift giving paid off... just not how you expected.

Erin Grace, Thomas, Ellie
It's the same for most everything you plan with kids. Camping, biking, vacation, eating out. You make a plan so you have one but if it goes a little different just roll with it and make that fun. This was my plan for Sunday afternoon. I wanted to practice with my new cyclocross bike. I also wanted to take the kids riding. So I packed everything up and we headed to Gainesville State College to ride our bikes. That was the plan. It was me, my daughter Ellie, Erin Grace and Thomas Pattillo. EG, as we call her, was about to ride the trails for the first time ever. She's got a nice pink mountain bike and a determined attitude but I knew my currently non-existent cyclocross skills would be put to the test. For the next hour we made our way through the trail. EG is very small and I was sure she'd have a tough time holding on to the handle bars but she held on and didn't crash. The picture above is a pavilion built out over the swamp. We stopped here and my plan went from biking to baby turtle hunting. Of course the boy wasn't hunting baby turtles he was hunting snakes or wolverines or mountain lions or something.

If I hadn't been the only adult I'd have sneaked off and become a mountain lion just to see what Thomas really would do about it. Anyway, great diversion there. We rode more of the trail and eventually came out onto a nice flat wide open path where EG decided to crash monumentally. Her first serious crash on a mountain bike was on the easiest part of the trail. Perfect. When the dust settled we agreed she was OK and made our way back to the parking lot. Here's where I started making things up. There a cool ropes course down by the lake so we went down there and the kids played while I worked on my CX skills in the field.
Thomas and I rode around the lake together looking for cat fish... or was it barracuda... I don't remember but we didn't see any. The conversations where numerous and diverse. Kids have no filter when you put them in an environment like this so whatever came into their heads came out of their mouths. It reminded me of a country song "She thinks we're just fishin'" by Trace Adkins. We just hung out and let things happen. Thomas found a big stick which was so entertaining, especially for me when I watched him try to get it back to the car while riding his bike. EG and Ellie picked flowers for their Mommy's but I'm sure the Mommy's won't get them until they pull them out of the dryer. We left the College and went to Dairy Queen for some Mini Cookie Dough Blizzards. Who can beat that day!

Check out my youngest rushing the QB
As a roadie I'm in a constant state of training. There's always another event right around the corner that makes me want to train. But my priorities don't begin there. As you know I'm a type C so I need a general plan that can only vary slightly before I start rubbing my temples. Here's my order of priorities: 1. God, 2. Family, 3. Job, 4. Biking. That's not to say that I won't try to incorporate number 4 into the remaining three every chance I get. But if a choice must be made I defer to that list. The list keeps me from getting too consumed by my passion for riding. The list helps my man brain honor what God has blessed me with and keeps me from becoming too selfish. And you'd be surprised how good it actually works out.

On Saturday I got up early to hit the trail with my friends Trace Nabors and Bill Mashburn for about 3 hours. We went early because priority #2 dictated that the ball games of our children be attended. It was great to finally have to put on arm warmers! Chicopee Woods was packed with riders by the time we made our escape. We started at Gainesville State College and rode through the trail over to Chicopee. We then methodically rode every patch of trail there. I left Bill, who had more time and more energy than I did. Trails are in good shape. Thank you SORBA!!!
After flag football it was time for College Football! My wife Lisa is a UGA graduate and insane Bulldog fan. She gets in fights all the time with opposing fans. We've been thrown out of two games. They keep moving our seats every year to make her happy. I sneak chocolate in under my hat because it helps her stay calm in the face of ignorance. I'm serious fellas. Don't mess with this girl about Georgia football unless you want to be embarrassed. I just put my head phones on and pretend I can't see them begging me to call her off.
My new (to me) CycloCross bike.

All my favorite teams lost this weekend. Flag football, UGA, Falcons. Blah! I don't think I'm any better at Cyclocross either. But despite those facts it was a great weekend by any standard. Even if it were bad for me, those kids made more memories of fun and happiness. My wife and I spent fun time together. And I still rode my bike(s)...twice! I deserve some Strawberry Cake.

Benny Bohanan went and rode 103 miles in the mountains for the Tour de Gaps presented by Georgia Cup. Great job Benny! After the ride he had this to say,

"I don't know much about "Georgia Cup" but I got the feeling it is one guy, a camper, and some signs." 

 If any of you readers know Jay you'll find this quote hilarious.

 Pre-Order Pricing for the M3/Hayes/Strong Gaddy Lilly Kits are: Jersey: $35.00, Bibs: $65.00, Kits (OneJersey & One Bib): $95.00
We will take pre-orders between now and Sept 24th 2011.  So If you are interested please get your order in before the 24th. Visit www.habershambicycles.com

Well that's all I have for this edition folks. Tune in next week for who knows what. There are some great Charity Rides coming up next month so ride for a cause! What rides am I doing you ask?

September 25th - Six Gap Century
October 1st - Good News for Gainesville
October 8th - 24 Hours of Georgia Mountain Bike Race - Conyers
October 15th - Lt. Governor's Century - Chestnut Mt.
October 22nd - Nothing. Because my wife seems to think I should let her do something. Silly woman.
October 29th - Tumbling Creek 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race - Gainesville State College

Join me please! We'll have a blast!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Quote from Benny is highly accurate.

    I wish I had a house full of kids. Well, maybe I do sometimes. I rent my niece/nephew from time to time and that's enough for me.

    Good blog, Chad. Keep them coming.