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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baxter's Saturday Morning Ride...and Cheerleading

I'm kicking back watching bull riding on TV with my girls. Something tells me they've never seen bull riding before. They're just staring at the screen...mouths open. I'm sure I'll be interrupted momentarily with questions. The answers will no doubt be similar to the ones I'd give if they asked me why people skydive? Should be fun.

This Saturday I didn't have a race or anything super cool to do...on a bike. The weather man warned of rain in the morning so I didn't try and put together a ride with friends. And my daughter declared her desire for us to drive to Athens and watch the UGA Cheerleading try-outs in the late afternoon. I decided that I'd get up and see what the radar looked like and make a decision. Sean Philyaw gave me a call to let me know I could ride with him and the Baxter's guys at 8:00am. So my choices were as follows: trainer workout, Baxter's ride.

The morning came, the radar was clear, so I loaded up and headed out to Baxter's Multisport. The weather was perfect. Overcast and 60's. I rolled up at the same time as Sean and I guess I looked like I was in a hurry to get ready because he came over to tell me the ride actually never "really" gets started until around 8:15am. And it's always Nate's fault.

OK. He didn't say that about Nate. But I got the feeling when he arrived last that nobody was surprised. You would think he spends all day there and isn't in a hurry to get back.

That's actually true. Nathan O'Neal (8 Time Australian National Time Trial Champion) works full time at Baxter's. He also recently started a new promotion company called Dingo Race Productions. They have two races on the USA Cycling calender this year. He and I have talked about it some. His main focus is on the racers themselves. He told me that he wants to treat the racers like pro's and not just treat them like "the money". Sounds great! His first race is Saturday, May 12th with a Time Trial in the morning and a Road Race in the afternoon. He's spent time and money to have police officers everywhere so the riders are kept safe. This being their first race I'm willing to give him a break if it's not perfect.

As we rolled through North Georgia I got a chance to meet Stephen Masopust. Seen here on his Green Machine that he purchased while he and his wife lived in Colorado. He's a really nice guy. I talked with him a lot. I wish I could remember the name brand of that bike. It had a really neat pannier on the back. I usually don't notice things like that but I'm working on building up my new Ritchey cross which has braze on's for attaching a pannier. I wished I had it for this ride.

Of course I talked to Sean. He and I are becoming thick as thieves. I can't seem to race without him. So naturally we talk about racing and training and suffering. He's getting stronger every day so we may not be friends much longer. In fact I noticed the band-aid on his arm and Sean has had some anger issues lately. Can't control his temper. Raises his voice and gets belligerent with other riders. I just don't think we can be friends anymore. I mean, I've got kids to think about.

It was great seeing old high school friend and new Daddy Tim Evans. He has a great wife like mine who, even with a new born at home, allows Tim to ride on Saturday mornings. Now that's love.

John Strickland is with out doubt a fixture at Baxter's. He loves to ride and loves hanging out with friends. And he's pretty darn funny too. As well as a bit cold natured. Like me he seems to enjoy watching Pro bike racing as well. He and I talked about the Classics over in Europe.

Mark "Doc" Stautberg is another "up for anything" type of rider. I see him every where. He even likes to race in Duathlons with Ron Miller. Mark always has a smile and a great attitude. I like him.

Others in our ride included Craig Bailey and some guy on a flat bar bike named Nick. It was a great group. We rode a long way into North Georgia. Almost to North Carolina. Almost.

Once back at the truck I had to get out of there and back home. So I loaded up, told everyone bye, and drove the speed limit back home. (No incriminating evidence here)
That effort proved ridiculous because I rushed into the house to find all three girls, still in pajamas, watching TV. This is when my "C" personality kicked in and I started doing the math. It takes on average 1 hour for all my girls to get ready to go somewhere once the clock starts. And the clock was a long way from starting. They were very comfortable. So I mowed the grass and waited for the clock to start.

Once the decision was made to go, I took a shower and we were on our way. My daughter Molly has decided to start "cheering". I won't explain in detail what that means...both literally and monetarily...let's just say it's the next big thing. My wife Lisa was a Varsity Cheerleader and a coach. She has strong feelings about how a sport can help a child mature. She also has strong feelings for her alma mater UGA. This is all good for me. After all...Happy Wife, Happy Life.

We arrived at the Colosseum in time for the final round of try-outs. You would think that being a red blooded American male that I'd enjoy watching the scantly clad young women bouncing all around. In fact I was kind of looking forward to it. But there I sat next to my little girls and my beautiful wife. And all I could think about was how I wouldn't want some dirty old man staring at them.

So I decided to focus on what was most important about this trip. We talked about who did the best and who should make the cut and who had the best jumps and tumbling and energy. And did you know that the cheerleaders at UGA get scholarships! No wonder it's a competition to get on the squad. Now I'm really on board with Molly's cheerleading!

After that we ate a Little Italy downtown. The whole trip was fun. I love my family!

So that's it. Another great weekend. And we'll be back in Athens, GA for Twilight next weekend.

Thanks for reading!

Chad Hayes

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