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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cycling on Vacation

Sunrise. 6:15AM, St. Simons Island, Georgia
For me there are two types of vacation cycling. There's the type that "requires" me to get up and ride in order to continue my training and then there's the type that "allows" me to ride when I feel like it. On this vacation I'm a type B rider. Instead of bringing every one's bike on this trip to the beach I only brought mine. Instead of trying to schedule specific workouts I'm simply allowing the natural flow of family energy to dictate the times Daddy is free to ride his bike. And I have to say that so far it's working out splendidly.
Our walk to the beach was not far.

We arrived on Saturday in St. Simons Island, Georgia. We're joined by our friends the Pattillo's and the Peck's. Our caravan of love consisted of two vehicles loaded to the ceiling with all the things we can't live without...at least for one week. Personally I brought my new Ritchey bike, two kits, gels and bars, and my Garmin. Once we arrived and took our stuff into the rental house we went straight to the beach. We didn't leave the beach until dark and fixed dinner at the house. I slept so good that when I woke up at 6:00AM I decided to go for a ride. Duh.

I rode out to the end of the peninsula we're on to watch the sun come up. There was a parking lot with what looked like an old abandoned car in it so I rolled up next to it and looked out at the beach. I thought I might catch a sweet couple having a nice morning stroll or something. I took a picture of the sunrise with my phone. Then I thought it would be cool to take one with my Garmin in it to show the time and temperature. Then I thought I had to have one with myself in it so I got off my bike and spun around, leaned back with my phone extended while holding my bike with the other hand and snapped the winning picture. Once I'd taken it I looked to my left and saw a lady sitting in the abandoned car staring at me. Two feet from me. Close enough I could have just handed her the phone and let her take the picture.
Ritchey Breakaway meets island roads.
I told her I was sorry. She laughed and said it's ok. She said she likes to come out there before work some mornings because she hasn't figured out her life yet. It sounded way to deep for me so I told her I understood and that she should try riding a bike. It frees the soul.

I headed for the north end of the island where there's no traffic. As I rode out of town I realized I was smiling for no reason at all. Just riding and smiling. No particular place to go. No plan for my return. Just a beautiful summer morning and I was on "Island Time".
I came to a fork in the road. A "round about" to be specific and just as I did there was a rider in front of me. His name was Robert. He was riding a super cool Trek Time Trial bike. Robert was 50 years old and looked to weigh around 155 pounds. I said "Hi, are you a local?" After that we became fast friends. Robert is the local Optometrist (Eye Doctor for you rednecks).
Robert of Millican Eye Center fame.
He and his family moved here 20 years ago and never left. He used to run only but picked up triathlons a few years ago. He's pretty serious about it too because he's training for an IronMan in Florida right now.
Robert showed me around the north end. He showed me this house with a tennis court and guest quarters that legend has it was built by the guy who invented "pay at the pump". I'm sure there's a story to go along with every grand home place on the island. But that's the only one Robert knew...because he's their eye doctor.

We rode and talked until Robert had to go home. I headed back to the house where not a creature was stirring. Accept my daughter Molly who was working on her supercalifragilisticexpialidocious puzzle. I took a shower and climbed back into bed.
Only on vacation can you do that.

Two days later I basically did the same thing. This time I connected with a guy named Rob. He was on vacation too and using it to get back on his bike after a few years. We had a great ride. I stayed out for 30 mins more and still returned to a sleeping house. So I'm thinking about a century ride on Thursday.

Turtles, get your turtles here.

Other than riding, which is what you all are interested in, we are fulfilling our beach vacation obligations by putting our toes in the water as much as possible. We are also eating fine seafood and shopping for useless items that won't last the week. Like small turtles and shell necklaces. Even though this isn't a Food Network blog I'll tell you the places we enjoy eating at the most.
Barbara Jeans
Mullet Bay
Crab Daddy's
4th of May Cafe - Breakfast
Frederica House - Molly suggests Peanut Butter Pie

I plan to ride with a group out of the local bike shop Monkey Wrench on Saturday morning. They ride out to Jekyll Island and back. Then we'll drive home and the next day I plan to race at the Dingo Crit Series.  Then on Wednesday it's the Georgia Gran Prix Cycling Series at Road Atlanta! And in August we get to go mountain bike racing at the Chainbuster Series!

I hope to see you all out there! Thanks for reading!

Chad Hayes

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