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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chad's State of the Union


I feel like I should apologize to you guys. I went from weekly emails and blog posts to nothing at all. I haven’t organized any rides in a while and don’t get to ride with you guys much these days. The main reason is because I’ve been put in charge of running two dealerships in Baldwin with my cousin Matt. It’s a blessing and I’m glad for it. But my time on the bike has suffered tremendously. Some of you will no doubt be glad I’m sucking wind at the next ride. I can feel the fitness creeping out of my body. For the time being though I need to focus on the great responsibility I’ve been given at work.

I say all that to say this… I’ll be back… soon. But my time right now is limited and so my blog posts will be fewer. The walls of my basement may be the only scenery I see for a while. Which is even worse than riding in the snow. And other than the New Years Ride I won’t be organizing any. I’ll simply be joining them when I can.

Rest assured I will be back to loading my legs with lactic acid as soon as possible once I’m comfortable in my new shoes at the dealerships. I already miss riding terribly. Wait. I terribly miss riding. Well, anyway. I also miss having time to sit and write tales of woe to the cycling world. But give me a few months and I’ll return with a vengeance for all things cycling.

I talked to a guy last week who found my blog and read every story I’ve ever written. Like it was a book. He made me feel really good about it.

If any of you have a good story about some biking adventure you had, please take time to type out the details and send it to me. I will even edit it if you like. The more stuff we get out there about biking in North Georgia the better biking in North Georgia will be. Trust me I’ve attending about 400 seminars and webinars on Digital Marketing and I know how the internet works. Fresh, relevant content is what makes an impression when it comes to search results. An optimized biking community is a plus for our local economy and our advocacy of healthy, bike friendly policies. Heck, we might even earn ourselves some government spending. Not to mention it puts cycling in a positive light to combat the negative rants that may come up first in a search. Example: Google; Kia or Hyundai Gas Mileage.

So what’s coming up that I know about in North Georgia biking?

THE Winter Bike League in Athens will be starting up on December 1st. From then on they will traverse the globe from Sunshine Cycles every Saturday morning at 10AM. I plan to attend as many as my wife will let me do. I need the miles.

Our annual NEW YEARS GAP ride will take place on either Saturday Dec 29th or Tuesday Jan 1st. I’ll be taking requests to determine the exact date so get yours in early. This years ride will feature goodie bag left overs from the Lt. Gov's ride and vehicle support. Plus whatever else I can come up with. A KOM prize perhaps. A Newest Newbie prize. Hmmm.

I’m hoping to do a Cyclo Cross race before I die. The StateChampionship is in Macon on December 9th (Sunday). That sounds like a good time to race cross for the first time.

It's a long way off but in February I'll be attending at least one Hincapie Training Series race and this year I want to do the Southern Cross.

So that’s my schpeel for this post. I hope to have more and more time as the winter rolls on. You can visit my blog for the latest links to all that I am aware of in North Georgia.

Oh and please consider buying your next vehicle from me. I don’t care what brand. You won’t find a better deal. I’ve already gotten my heart right. Send me a new customer (New or Pre-Owned) and I’ll give you $100.00.

Not kidding. $ 100 dollars.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys soon!

Chad Hayes

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